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Nu lunchen brood, ham en vis gekregen van een Roemeense koperdief.

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Found a job yet have you, you wanker? He politely asked me

In Eilat voor het eerst koraal gezien en in een zeegel getrapt. Dan moet je snel over je voet pissen dat helpt leerden we snel van de locals. Tis mooi snorkelen daar. Mooier nog is iets verderop in de Sinai (Egypte) langs de Rode Zee kust. Dahab, Nuweiba en Sharm el Sheik zijn nu toeristen oorden. Dertig jaar geleden kwamen er backpackers en hippies en huurde je voor een paar Egyptische dollars een soort rieten hutje bij het strand.

There was a famous hangout in Eilat back in 1989, called the Peace Cafe. I wouldn’t be surprised if it still existed today because it was that much of an institution. The Peace Cafe was so much more than a cafe. It was a place for people to gather in the search for work. The unemployed folks of Eilat would hang out in the Peace Cafe from morning till night, drinking beers, eating snacks, playing pool, and watching movies, while they all had one eye on the door to see who came in with job offers. I guess you could refer to the Peace Cafe as an informal job centre.



Peace Cafe Eilat (Israel)

We spoke to an Irish girl who was working there. She works seven hours a day and gets only 30 shekels for it! She said it shouldn’t be hard for us to find work on a building site. She informed us that the best way to get such jobs is to wait outside the pub next door (the Peace Café) at 6.00 in the morning. Apparently it is possible to earn 8 shekels an hour this way. This sounded pretty reasonable so we decided to do just that.

After a couple of pints of bitter (3 shekels) and a vegetable chilli (5 shekels), we ventured next door to the Peace Café, largely out of curiosity as the American had said there were usually loads of fights there. Again, there were plenty of the British working class drinking there. Also there was a man lying on the floor with a blanket next to a large dog with one ear.

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