Poetlister wrote: “Nonentities, claiming to be vigilant, are jealous of people with real achievements. They proxy for banned user Timothy Usher, using his dubious claims in vain attempts to belittle them.”

In his Wikipediocrazy (WO) signature. Seems indeed to me a shot of hail of Abd. Typycal a fight between old lovers, I said it before, between Vig and Abd must have been HOT wiki love, just like between Bart Versieck Legal and Vig.

A love too hot not to burn down, what happens now.

Why else had been given me all of a sudden acces to my WO PM’s and was Bard Legal crying for help by Vig? And did I get a PM in the best Edo ORTS tradition?
Help me! Help me out cried our Bart there on WO! Please help me out! Safe our wiki souls! SOWS! SOWS!

And after that Vig started with his crazy and insane armchair diagnoses based on really nothing. And Abd with his Trolloo on Sucks. Embarrassing. Really embarrassing this ultimate shitshow.