Happy New Year

Ook hier dezelfde nieuwsjaargroet van mij als welke ik ook schreef op The Wiki Tree house en op Wikipediocrazy (Members only section) Waarbij ik wil stipuleren het gehele geval niet anders dan als sick minded te kunnen omschrijven, en dat ik zeker niet van plan ben dit hier bij te laten zitten maar nu even een kortere of langere adempauze neem. Dit vooral om aan de andere kant van de rivier met al die verbrande bruggen een bezinningsmoment in te bouwen om eens te overdenken waar men nu toch in godsnaam mee bezig is.


A happy New Year from Holland to all of you. And don’t forget to look from time to time out of the window instate of on your screen, because it will surprise you. You will find out there is a whole world you have almost forgotten.

So my wish for you for this decade is a lot of health, the most important, less internet, and much more real life and much more street wisdom instate of internet wisdom. That is where I also are going to search for this decade, my advice to you all of you is to do the same.

Martin aka Graaf Statler


Tree house news.

Kopie van mijn posting vandaag in Dysk zijn tree house discord, een gesloten clubje.

Myselfvandaag om 11:03

Abd or another admin sees it and blocks them both immediately, talk page access remains open, and Abd or admin sets Rools. When they agree, unblock.”

Result: https://www.wikipediasucks.co/forum/search.php?search_id=active_topics&sid=1dd9c51cf77ddb7946e3cadab9afa6be

I am sorry, but I really still don’t know what to think of this complete madness. The only thing what is getting clearer and clearer to me is, this wiki formula has with this kind of insane peeps not any future. Not any, and special not in continental Europe. One trail, one article in a newspaper, people start to dig and it ends up in a inferno. Why? Because this is with all that donor money what is total spilled on a ilegal junk yard with fools a huge scandal. But the worst of all is, people like scandals so it sells. Special if there is not so much other news. They will burn down, just like I have seen Greece burning down when the true came public. Don’t fasten your seatbelts, not useful. Because this ends up in a crashlanding.(bewerkt)
But why for the second time Princess? We where with 4, 5 peeps on the total unknown Varoufkis his blog, just like here. There was a Greek-English lawyer, a German economist, some creepy Greek-American rich real estate guy, and all of a sudden was Varoufakis on TV worldwide on his bike with a burning Athens on the background. Why, why me?

He was that Greek-American lawyer. http://nl.wikisage.org/wiki/Yannis_Glinavos

Yannis Glinavos
His blog: https://iglinavos.wordpress.com/
Thoughts of a recovering leftist

And that was the wik itime of my life! Because I was almost the only person who knew all the inside story’s in that time, just like now of Wikipedia. Why, why twice? Why me?

All newspapers followed me! My essay on wikisage had ten thousands of hits! http://nl.wikisage.org/wiki/Essay:Griekenland,_de_Euro_en_de_crisis

Essay:Griekenland, de Euro en de crisis
My articles too! And now I have to listen and obey two losers with a big mouth and for the rest nothing? Because Aron is a “policeman”? Paddo’s? There DSM-5 medicines?