Letter to my alter ego

Well, Martin, I have really enjoyed your email with as highlights Vin Vluggertje and the pissing sex god Eddy. And I have pissed my paints too, so keep on the good proxytrollwork!

Of course they are a bunch of total crackpots and lunatics. A failed keyboard revolution financed with stinking bullshit money and castrated genderfools and a Edo with his royal award who adore female soccer players, properly because they have such a nice butt to look at.

I don’t care about them, and that hurts them the most. I simple let them drive pedal to the metal in a dead end with at the end a block of concrete. It should be a total waste of the last part of my life to try to destroy them, they are themselves so much better than I to do that.

I don’t care about them, I don’t know them, they doesn’t fit in my parallel universe. And if Lidewij with her impressive CV has as only goal to destroy the work of a handicraftsman  with one year effective kindergarten as highest education, well, just let it be.

Best, the real Marin.

Eén gedachte over “Letter to my alter ego”

  1. He Sage Lidewij, wordt je lekker nat van tussen je benen door het werk van een oude man constant te vernachelen, joh?
    Vind je dat leuk, of hoort dat bij je SM genderact of zo? Bij je zweepje en je leren pakje?

    Flikker toch op halve zool, oertrolske wat je bent!Achterlijke idioot, madam
    heeft een zweepje, knopjes en zal zich wel ff laten gelden.
    Wat eens constante shitshow zeg!


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