I offer you bet and a deal

I offer you a bet and a deal.

Post by Graaf Statler » Fri Apr 03, 2020 9:16 am

Well, both Viligint and Randy. I make you a deal.

Send me the best IC lawyer or professor you can find. Gerlach, Engelfriet, lawyers of the legal department of WMF, NewYorkBrad, I don’t care.

Let’s have a legal fight here on Sucks, full touch.
About , how it should be possible to “liberate” copyright protected material, license it with a CC licences, and how you can run a Dutch wikipedia under common law in Holland in a legal correct way.

You all know I am with one hand tied up on my back because of a lack of education, and a language barrier.
Moet een eitje zijn, makkelijk te winnen voor jullie met al jullie juridisch geweld en middelen.
Easy to win for you I should say. Only a total madman can suggest such a bet, isn’t it Vig?

Well, Tymmy Tim trolly Timmy, and shiny Viligiant, lets finish our now for more than ten year’s long battle in a final battle with me as a modern Arjuna out of the Bhagavad Gita, here on the last digital battlefield sucks for once and always. That the best may win.
Yeh, lest do that guy’s, without you for ever farts as fuel for your gas lightening.

Which fair bet? Ayn of you a suggestion?

Well,  this was the answer, a creepy mute….. A  cowerly throttle what makes it impossible to post on Sucks for me aynmore….


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