Oude wijn in nieuwe zakken

Yes, in the time of the millennium web2 this kind of initiatives where new and exiting but nowadays the internet is overtaken by individualism. No one on the internet is waiting for IQ 150++ interventions or DSM-5 topic fuckers anymore. The peeps have become internet wise.

All these wiki based projects are outdated and all the clones too, they have no future. Everipedia has tried it, Jimmy has tried it with wikitribune, not a change.
The only project what is still more or less succesfull is the fossil wikipedia but only for the time being and without any future. Because it is a abdistic based pirate project attacked by governments who spread there political Round Up as geo blocks and aggressive copyright and privacy regulations. And the well informed (European) press is all the time knocking on the door, still gently but in the future for sure louder. This must be very clear for the ones of you how have good ears.
And as we all know Round Up slowly withered slowly.

The project will be getting less attractive for investors, it will weaken and because of that hit by scandals, the box of pandora will open itself and so the once so proud wikipedia will end up on the junk yard of the history. That is not hard to predict because only the facade is left.
And Jimmy? I don’t know, he is a cork and will alway stay afloat. I don’t expect he will end up next to John Brinkley in the American history although the similarities are striking.

Yes my friends, let that old Dutch count with only one year succesfull kinder garden telling you the future of Wikipedia. A simple handcraft man, not a intellectual at all.
What is left is a facade, a house of cards, a pyramide scheme of bluff. I was trolled out WP-Nl and free and thought, well, let me have a look inside the the wiki Mekka, the English WP and WMF.

I traveled to America, digital because I have never left Europe and properly never will, looked around, talked with many people, have had fights with people, and have find out nothing is left. Nothing, really nothing, it is a empty house of cards.

No structure, no base, no business plan, not any talent, no vision, only words, words and again words. Sweet dreams about wiki love, about a not existing mouvement strategy, a brilliant future what will never come, empty noting solving gender talk in all directions, no, this is doomed to fall.

O yeh, I know dammed well I am that little boy who shouted that emperor is naked and who has to be mute. Call me world’s International Supergenius Count Von Tinfoil, insult me, try to turn me down, go ahead. Make out of me worlds wiki troll number one, I don’t care.

But does it change anything of these facts?

(Posting on Sucks naar aanleiding van Jimmy’s nieuwste project WT.Social, een wikistijl alternatief voor Facebook.)

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