You all did it all!



Posting van Midsize Jake, Side Admin on Wikipediocrazy.


This might be a good time to point out that in the movie Battlefield Earth (THL), based on the novel by Scientology Founder and All-Around Horrible-Person L. Ron Hubbard (TCL), the tyrannically oppressive Psychlos (who have taken over Earth and wiped out most of the human race) attempt to educate one of the human survivors, Jonnie “Goodboy” Tyler, using a “learning machine” that’s connected directly to his brain. But this only teaches him what the Psychlos want him to know, and later in the movie, Tyler and John Travolta go into the ruins of a city and find a library full of thousand-year-old paper-printed books. John Travolta doesn’t think the books are worth anything, so he lets Tyler read them. This is how Tyler learns what he really needs to know in order to ultimately destroy the Psychlos and free Earth from their (did I mention that it was tyrannically oppressive?) rule.

So… since Battlefield Earth is clearly the most-likely-to-play-out future scenario in all Science Fiction (at least if you’re some sort of Scientology weirdo), this should strongly indicate that not only will knowledge be free in a dead world (since after all, there won’t be any money), the good stuff will still only be on hard-copy, and John Travolta will still underestimate humanity’s drive to throw off the yoke of alien oppression, just like he does today.

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